Rain, Rain Go Away! What a DAY!

I was so excited about the gorgeous color developing in the sky…  What I did not realize how bad of a storm was coming!  It all happened so fast. 

In some ways it was wonderfully refreshing.  The last 2 hours I was being eaten alive by bugs.  My arms were soaked with bug spray and sweat and the bugs were trying so hard to bite me they were dying on my arms and legs.

There was this incredible wind that picked up fast.  It was as close to being in front of a 40 foot wide sand blaster!  Then the spritzing started and that actually felt much better than the sand.  Of course, the bugs were not longer the issue, but the now down pouring rain, thousands of dollars in camera gear in my backpack and a 45 minute walk back to my car.  Wow, was I soaked by the time I got back to my car.  But the shots I captured I think were well worth it!

Now, if you find yourself in the Jacksonville, Florida area, just head north towards Amelia Island.  Just before the last bridge onto Amelia Island is a parking area.  Follow that beach about 30-45 minute walk south and you will start seeing all sorts of downed trees where the tidal shift is eroding into the forest.  

I will say that capturing the cotton candy skies and smooth water is as simple as adding in a 10 stop ND filter


Ok, if that just went over your head, I completely understand.  Click this link for a simple to understand ND Filter tutorial.


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