Welcome to Adventures of August!


He is an ‘International Award Winning and Published Travel and Destination Wedding Photographer.’

You will often find him on an adventure into the heart of the Grand Canyon to capture Havasu Falls, into the mountains in the heart of Mexico to photograph the migration of the Monarch butterflies or spending a day wrestling alligators. Just as easily you could find him in New York City, San Francisco or the Riviera Maya photographing destination weddings. His life often ends up being a little bit like the movie Ferris Bueler’s Day Off or Ground Hog’s Day, and his bucket list just keeps on growing!

You are cordially invited to come along and find out how he got caught in a Mardi Gras Parade, how he is so lucky at capturing lightning shots or those oh-so-cute lil baby sea turtles! Maybe you just want to live vicariously through him as he shares what it feels like to be hurled 300 feet into the air at over 100 MPH or to be in a speed boat going 60 MPH as it does 360 degree spins…

Yes, all just another day in the life and Adventures of August!

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