Free Destination Wedding Photography

Riviera maya wedding cancun mexicoYes, you have read correctly! I have an attractive and interesting offer for destination brides!  From November through February of each year I offer my full blown, full day of, complete release of all photos, award winning wedding photography services for free in exchange for covering my travel expenses for a week to your weddings destination.

Now, I do have a few qualifiers… but nothing to difficult!

1. Being a fun couple is a MUST!

2. Strongly prefer more exotic destinations or potentially super interesting themes.  Michigan in December probably does not qualify, but Yosemite in December sure could. 
3. Wedding must be during November – February (for the FREE OFFER)*
4. You cover the cost of flight, accommodations and meals for 7 days.  This is usually about the same or less than the typical resort photographer charges.  **

hot nights on the beach with sparks and waves crashing around

Here is why couples LOVE this!
1. You can potentially save thousands in photography fees.
2. Exceptional coverage of your wedding day.
3. No cheesy inexperienced resort photographer, doing typical shots.
4. Rather, you get class, romance and an experienced photographer working for you!


wedding couple at stained glass window

* What if we are NOT getting married from November – February?
I love photographing weddings as much as I love traveling!  Click here to download my Wedding Photography Handbook.  It is full of all the details, pricing, etc.

** For clarification, I am not looking to make a profit with my free offer.  However, I am also willing to make this offer in lieu of it not costing me anything either.

Of course, any questions, feel free to email me anytime! or