Destination Wedding Photography

Riviera maya wedding cancun mexicoCan you imagine 20-30-40 of your closest friends and family enjoying some exotic locale for a full week or 2, before, during and even after your wedding?

What if the cost for such an affair were about the same, if not less than what you would spend on a local wedding?

This is the reality of destination weddings!  I have a wide variety of information I will share with you via email or here in my blog that can help you realize whether a destination wedding is for you.  At the end of this post is a request for your name and email and I promise NO SPAM and for sure no hard sell.

If you happen to choose a destination wedding from November through February, I actually have a free destination wedding photography offer.  If you are getting married at an interesting* or exotic* locale or are having some type of super fun themed wedding, I would love to talk further about being your photographer.

We would be looking at approximately $3000-3500 in total for my photography and travel expenses.  Yes, that is it.  In all fairness and full disclosure, I would be offering my photography for a full 8 hours and a complete release of images for $2600.  The average price fora wedding photographer in the US is $2600, so this is right on par.  So, the remaining $1000-1500 would be for covering travel and accommodations.

Now for the fun part!  I LOVE WEDDINGS as much as I LOVE TRAVEL!  So, I am willing to drop my rate as low as $2000 location or theme of your wedding.  If you are asking me to cover your wedding in Erie, PA in February, probably a no go, nothing personal.  However, a winter theme in Vail, CO or even Yosemite, yeah, let’s talk.  If its a Dude Ranch in Wyoming, complete with the bride coming down the aisle on a horse… count me in!   If it is in Italy, I am in, PERIOD!  Of course, Jamaica, Bahama’s, Tahiti, Fiji… my bags are packed!

On travel and what is a mandatory minimum.  For your safety as the bride, I want to arrive at your destination a full day in advance.  This is just in case there are any issues with the flights.  The last thing we want is me stuck in an airport while you are walking down the aisle.   I would also strongly prefer 2 full days after your wedding as well.  What many brides love to do is set-up some form of a trash the dress / Mr. and Mrs. session the day after the wedding.  I am more than willing to negotiate this at no additional charge based on your budget for the length of my stay.

I am sure you will have PLENTY of questions!  Feel free to call or email me and I will gladly discuss your wedding and see if we are a good fit for each other.