Vicarious & Vicariously

These are words I hear often as I share my travel and adventure stories.  Envy is another… Just know that while I love the lifestyle, there are many times I envy those with the house full of all those little things you need every so often.  Simple things like a twist tie, some simple tools or even a crock pot!  So, let’s head out on this adventure together and the next time you hear I am coming through your neck of the woods maybe we can break some bread, build a campfire, open a bottle of Malbec and share some life stories and twist ties!

Vicariously is the adverb form of the word vicarious, which also involves experiencing something through another person. The Latin influence is the word vicarius, which means “substitute.” If you experience something vicariously, in a sense you’re a substitute who’s getting something secondhand.


adjective: vicarious

Experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person.

“I could glean vicarious pleasure from the struggles of my imaginary film friends”

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