Adventures of August & August T Photography

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Last 3 years August T Photography averaging almost 1,000,000 photos viewed annually


  • 4900+ Personal Page
  • 2945+ Fanpage
  • Thousands upon thousands of my photos are posted to clients personal pages
  • At any one time there are 100+ profile photos that are photos I took

Email database – 5500+

Instagram – 4000+

Pinterest – 800+

Linked In – 400+

Twitter – 200+



Wrestled Alligators – Colorado Alligator and Reptile Park

Swum with dolphins and sting rays – Bahamas

Months upon months of accumulated high adventure camping – Rocky Mountains to bottom of Grand Canyon

Sky diving, rock climbing, repelling, para sailing, jet skiing, adventure speedboats, slingshots, bungee jumps, zip lines, white water rafting, various obstacle and team development courses, spelunking, (insert links for these blogs)


TLC’s Myrtle Manor

ABC’s 20/20 – Tweeted Photo

Taste! – Included

Founder & Executive Director – Myrtle Beach Wedding Extravaganza (add in link for blogs)

  • 5 completely unique themed weddings in 5 days for Alex and Lisa of 2 People 1 Life
  • Set Guinness Record for largest wedding reception flash mob (awaiting official recognition)’s Favorite Photographer – 2009

Best of the Grand Strand – Wedding Photography – 2010 – 1st Place , 2009 – 2nd Place, 2011 – 3rd Place

Lighting Photo Included in 2012 WPDE Weather Calendar (add link for lightning photo post)


Wide variety of local companies utilize my photography of their

limousines, food, restaurants, hotels, condo’s and estates.

Weddings – 220+

  • Destinations from New York City to San Francisco to Riviera Maya
  • 60 Story Rooftop soiree’s, San Fransisco’s Presido, Country Clubs, mansions, estates and wide variety of sunrise/sunset beach ceremonies
  • Even an undercover FBI couple on Private Island

Families – 850+

  • Clients include families from all over the US, Canada, Mexico, France & Germany
  • Clients include former CIA, US Military, long list of national & local celebrities


15 years of Sales, Marketing & Upper Level Management

Jani-King – Regional Director (Largest commercial cleaning & franchising company in Pittsburgh, PA)

  • Tripled revenues in 18 months while simultaneously decreasing cancellations from highest in nation to 2nd

NorVergence – National Account Manager (One of the nation’s largest VoIP providers at the time)

  • Within 6 months first National Account Manager position created due to the networking and sales connections I developed.

Aetna US Healthcare – Medicare Sales Executive

  • Top Sales Executive in nation



Eagle Scout – only 1% of all Boy Scouts ever achieve

1988 First ever Photography Award of Excellence – Manchester Crafstmen’s Guild

Carnegie Museum – 4 years full scholarships for their creative arts classes (6-9th grade)

Carnegie Mellon University – 2 years full scholarships creative arts classes (10th & 11th grade)

Pennsylvania Governer School for the Arts (10th & 11th grade)

2nd place – age category 1992 (?) park Biathlon

9th place overall 1992 Carnegie Mellon University Triathlon

Broke 100 yd. Breaststroke record Perry Traditional Academy