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Why Choose August T Photography for your family photo session?

Quite simply I will provide you with wonderful mix of candid, photo journalistic and posed photos that will likely bring at least one small tear to your eye.  Ok, the tear to your eye might sound a little over confidant and I completely agree.  That is not my personality to over exaggerate anything.  However, I do hear from clients over and over and over again with comments just like this. 

To me, its humbling beyond belief.  How truly blessed I am to do what I simply love doing while simultaneously providing you with wonderful memories that will last well beyond both of our lifetimes. 

Now that I have been doing this for 7 years now, I am seeing families come back over and over.  Some with new additions.  Some with other family members or friends.  This summer I even had a last minute and quite desperate phone call from Mr. Euvard.  His grand kids were all in town and wanted to do another photo session with August. 

He was just as blown away as I was.  It had been 4 years and yet they all had such a good time(the last time), it was something they all figured was just part of their vacation to the beach and were looking forward to it.

These are the memories I am hoping to create for you and your family!

Pricing is SUPER SIMPLE!

$99 books your session. 

Then there are a wide variety of specials you can choose from once your photos are ready and online.  This is typically about 2 weeks after your families photo session. 

On the sidebar is where you can request our specials with no obligations at all.

What is included when you book your session?

We provide you a 90 minute photo session that over the years we have found to be a great period of time for several reasons. 

1. We HIGHLY recommend sessions start 90 minutes prior to sunset to take advantage of the best possible lighting!

2. The first 60 minutes of this session will look like more "normal" light but will be soft and nobody will be squinting.

3. Then the last 20-30 minutes are where the real magic can happen with the sunset!

4. 90 minutes also allows for kids to warm up to a photographer being in their midst snapping photos at their every move!

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Do you charge extra for larger families?

No!  Our fee is a flat rate!  Pretty simple!  Now, if you have 15-20 people and 3-4-5 family groups, you might want to consider our 2 or 2.5 hour packages.  $129 for 2 hours and $149 for 2.5 hours.  All of the prices on our specials remain the same, we just charge a little extra for the extra time.

For CLARIFICATION!  You are NOT required to book a longer session if you have a larger group!  Just keep in mind there are only so many photos and poses we can do in 90 minutes.

In my humble and professional opinion, I think if you have 3-4 family groups OR a bunch of kids (like 6-10) then you should be considering the 2 or 2.5 hour session time.  If you have 5 or more family groups then almost for sure you should be considering the longer session times.

I promise, PROMISE, this is not simple an upsell!  I also can assure you that the time goes much faster than you might imagine!  I have developed a great reputation for my repertoire, moving things along, a great mix of photo styles and keeping kids engaged and at least somewhat entertained!

Are you good with kids?

ABSOLUTELY!  I have been very active all of my life in a wide variety of things from Boy Scouts, helping out as a teenager with the YMCA's camps for deaf children, helping out at the church as a middle school Bible study teacher and even spent 2 years as the actual children's pastor at my church back in Pittsburgh.

What about rain or other unforeseen circumstances? 

Great question!  During my typical summer there is at least 1 or 2 sessions that we just cannot fit in due to the rain.  In this case, you will receive a full refund of the $99 booking fee. 

When it comes to the rain, I am VERY on top of this IF the weather is calling for 50% or more of rain, then we will be in touch for sure! 

Here is the other side of the coin and the balance.  My typical summers are booked SOLID!  Sometimes weeks in advance.  If I can possibly accommodate rescheduling your appointment due to an illness or something like that, I will do my absolute best!!!

Unfortunately, if you cancel, the $99 booking fee is non-refundable unless you can find another family to fill your slot.  Sometimes, and I cannot promise this, but sometimes I have other inquiries and if I can fill your slot I will again, do my best to accommodate a refund for you. 

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