Are you starting a photography business?

Are you looking to grow your photography business?

Are you interested in outside of the box thinking to help set you apart from the competition regardless of your market?

Do you simple need some specific advice and training?

I am confident I can help you with this and so much more!  Why am I so confidant?  What qualifies me vs. others out there?  Great questions!

* 1988 I won my first photography award

* 2009 after being laid-off I chose to follow my lifelong passion for photography.  With no customers, camera or website, I moved from the cold winters of Pittsburgh to the warm beaches of South Carolina.

* 2010 I came in 2nd place in the Best of the Grand Strand for my wedding photography.

* 2011 I came in 1st place in the Best of the Grand Strand for my wedding photography.

* To date I have photographed for Duracell, TLC's Myrtle Manor and even an undercover FBI couple* I have also been published in several calendars and even been retweeted by ABC's 20/20

To date I have photographed almost 1,000 families and well over 200 weddings.  I have been hired to photograph weddings from San Fransisco to New York City to the Riviera Maya and quite a few places in between.

My website has averaged almost 1 million photos viewed per year for the last 3 years.

After being asked a gazillion question from a wide variety of photographer, they all said I should teach others all of these cool tricks of the trade.  Very few have anything to do with taking better photos.  It is more about strategically working smart, not hard.

I am sure you have heard the quote, "If you throw enough mud on the wall, something will stick."  So, I started my photography business by just throwing as much mud on the wall as possible.  That is simply back breaking!  I quickly learned to throw some mud on the wall and "stick with what sticks."

Email and let me know what your circumstances are and what help you are in need of the most and I will promptly follow-up!